A first-of-its-kind museum for children, developed by a leading company in India, faced the challenge of assembling a unique team of specialists with specific skill sets. But the company achieved its goal with Calibehr’s agile recruitment process outsourcing solutions.

Knowing the Client

The client is a giant corporation with diverse businesses in steel, cement, paints, energy and infrastructure. They developed a first-of-its-kind, experiential and world-class museum to inspire children to find unique solutions for the world’s greatest problems of today.

ONE-of-a-kind Project, MULTIPLE Challenges

The program director while discussing the project with the team, ran into a pressing challenge. He learned that the museum with never seen before interactive exhibits, unique learning programs related to scientific concepts, carpentry, robotics etc. and fun-filled activities requires people with peculiar list of skills. Without suitable and skilled Guest Relationship Executives, customers could leave unhappy and dissatisfied.

He quickly envisioned what he wanted to see in the manpower and listed the skills down:

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Young & Energetic
  • Experience in Relationship Management
  • Capable of Handling Children Aged 4 to 14
  • Skilled in Engaging Parents

The company, with high standards of recruitment and an approaching project launch date, realized the need for seeking an onsite recruitment process outsourcing partner and zeroed in on Calibehr. They believed that the vast industry experience of Calibehr can support the recruitment goals of such a special project in India.

How Calibehr Went All Guns Blazing

The Calibehr’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing team did an extensive review of the client’s requirements and made the following conclusions:

  • Project requirements are unique
  • No one has ever done this kind of recruitment before in India
  • An unprecedented recruitment approach is required

Calibehr took it as a challenge and rose to the occasion. A dedicated team of recruitment experts were selected to work alongside the people closest to the project, understanding their requirements at every step, adapting on the go and working towards one objective: recruiting the best talent.

A comprehensive roadmap was created keeping in mind the need for improvements, evolving requirements and the acceleration needed to finish within the stipulated time.

To find suitable and potential candidates, job portals, references and recruitment partners were first used to attract and engage candidates. However, some of the job responsibilities described and created didn’t exist, making it a huge challenge. Keeping recruitment in accordance to the brand’s culture and values was an additional challenge.

Finally, the recruitment team cracked the code and made a pivot to a multi-pronged innovative approach. It included visiting commercial institutes for kids & Montessori schools, scouting for talent at the National Skills Council for Tourism and Hospitality and finding candidates with excellent communication skills.

Despite the rising recruitment challenges, workplace transformation and changing employee demands, Calibehr utilized its vast and strong network of recruiters and partners to deliver fast outcomes. To be precise, Calibehr went all guns blazing and achieved recruitment goals for the company.

Out Comes the Desired Outcome

  • 100% roles filled with Calibehr
  • Efficient time to hire rate
  • Increase in candidate response rates
  • Reduced cost
  • Quality candidates

Our Experience

“The whole journey with them was fantastic. They are a giant corporate, and the project was so unique in nature. As far recruitment is concerned, no one has ever done this before, and we saw it as an opportunity. [The project was] Challenging indeed, but incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a team. In the end, client satisfaction is our goal and the fact that we delivered best hires is the icing on the cake.”
-Mr. Ravi Vyas, AVP- Strategic Key Accounts, Calibehr

What Future Holds

Calibehr is determined to support the recruitment needs of the company in the future. In addition, the stakeholders are already in talks on how to further the collaboration to boost operational excellence and progress together in the future.

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