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What is compliance risk mitigation?

Simply put, compliance risk mitigation solutions help you tackle any compliance related violations that may occur in the future. Being at the forefront of the compliance management solution in India for years now, Calibehr has helped multiple corporations assess, analyze, investigate and monitor potential risks vis-a-vis local as well as global respiratory laws!

From transparent foresight to redevised strategies, monitoring adherence to policies, procedures and more- here’s how Calibehr can help you shield yourself against oncoming risks-

  • Identifying high risk areas
  • Consolidating a stellar risk assessment framework
  • Designing workflows to connect compliance policies with business processes while maintaining regulatory standards
  • Generating and tracking tasks especially during regulatory changes.

Your Partner in Statutory Compliance Management

Shops & Establishment Compliance Management - From establishment registration to perpetuating inspections, monitoring exemptions and ensuring overall operations remain smooth- we’ll take care of all aspects of statutory compliance

Factory Compliance Management - We'll help with all the routine processes from updating you with industry knowledge to monitoring technology, machinery and processes for you

Contractor & Contract Labour Compliance Management - Our proactive Legal Compliance Management team will engage as a one-stop solution for all labour related compliance needs- for both direct and indirect employees deployed in the organization

Payroll Compliance Management - Why dabble in exhaustive payroll laws when our dedicated payroll compliance maestros can give you the technology backbone to approach and manage payroll responsibilities with ease

Employer and Employee Compliance Advisory Services - Our stalwart compliance professionals can help review labour practices and relevant procedures so that your brand can adhere to local employment laws and stay updated on regulatory changes without any hassle

Statutory Benefits Administration - Statutory benefits like PF, Bonus, OT, Welfare funds keeps undergoing annual changes. We can help your business administer compliance with the latest amendments while reducing statutory complexities

Remittance of Statutory Payments - Our adept compliance management team can tactfully assist you with easy remittance of statutory payment compliances which includes PF, Employee Insurance, Professional Tax, labour Fund, Salary and more as applicable to the industry

Liaison with Various Government Authorities - Our cordial and ethical association with the Central and State authorities has helped us built a robust network so that our clients can focus on core competencies while we take care of legal coordination

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