CSR Planting tree
CSR Planting tree

CSR Planting tree
Spreading the Good

Calibehr under Narayan Bhargava Group (NBG) works with a motto to create GROWTH for everyone. The brand goes beyond crunching out unique business solutions and services; it also engages in gifting a sustainable environment; that’s clean and adequately developed for generations to follow. The definition of growth at Calibehr isn’t restricted just to numbers on the balance sheet. Calibehr, belonging to NBG is a firm believer ‘Growing by Doing Good’.

The brand constantly indulged into social wellness activities since its very initial stages; these activities are taken up and conducted with full involvement by the management. To achieve an optimal effect and the last mile reach; these social activities are carried through a separate foundation team named as Narayan Bhargava Foundation (NBF); erstwhile known as Bhargava Charitable Trust (BCT).

This foundation is socially inclined and was incepted in the year 1985 to take up social wellness activities related to education, employment and cleanliness. It participates in all kinds of projects that provides goodness to the society as a whole.

Giving a Pleasant Start to Lives

Through NBF there are hundreds of lives; getting the best start possible. Education is asset that can never be taken away and provides never-ending benefits.

NBF makes sure that the future generation of ‘less privileged’ isn’t untouched by education. There are sizable number of young minds being educated; helping them to learn and train in the subject of their interest.

Village Sanitation and Infrastructure

NBF pays attention to cleanliness and maintenance of basic infrastructure in the urban areas which are under-developed. Building proper roads, clean toilets are few development activities taken up under the Modern Village Program.

ATN Program

The NBF team is actively installing (Any Time Napkin) vending machine. This is activity aimed to promote menstrual hygiene among women; especially adolescent girls of Waru-Bramhnoli village. This is also a valuable contribution towards achieving the Swachh Bharat Mission.

Go Green-Plantation Drive

‘Plantation’ the term sounds too cliché but it is the only way to create a better tomorrow. NBF arranges for mass plantation activities on a regular basis.

Calibehr through Narayan Bhargava Foundation remains steadfast in that belief of bringing a rapid digital transformation that covers major populations and benefits them to lead an inclusive and supportive world.
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