Best-In-Class Back Office Outsourcing Services by Calibehr

Calibehr brings in sizable impact on a day-to-day basis to businesses that are involved in providing essential services to millions. The Business Solution Provider is enabled to do so with it’s in depth understanding of several industries and their back office solutions.

Our Range of Back Office Service Solutions-Domestic

  • Credit card applications processing
  • Account opening form processing for CASA ( Current account & Saving account)
  • Donors Receipts creation through DMS (Donors Management System).
  • Protects employee and client interests
  • Applications / documents processing for major mutual funds
  • House loan applications processing.
  • Insurance Claim processing for Small Finance Banks.
  • Consumer durable loan processing for leading bank.
  • Gold loan files processing
  • Fastag Processing.

Our Range of Back Office Service Solutions-International

  • Data capturing through Imaging systems
  • Capturing Insurance Claim data from Client offline tools.
  • Capturing Vehicle details for highway toll LLC
  • Data capturing from leading advertiser, agencies and media companies for their digital advertising
  • Data capturing Customer First Name, Last Name & Address along with the Zip code.
  • Collecting the relevant crime data from police agencies and valid sources


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