Eliminate Deficiencies & Maximize Efficiencies of Your Back Office Operations with Calibehr’s Expert Team.

Back office operations carried out behind the scenes are crucial for scaling business and achieving success today. However, wasting resources, time and effort on routine tasks can prove to be costly and inefficient. Handling the manpower-intensive and process-driven functions can be daunting, especially for large enterprises focused on expansion.

Enter Calibehr’s Back office outsourcing services.

Calibehr, with 15+ years of experience, comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge and a trusted team of experts, is highly capable of driving operational efficiency and maximizing customer satisfaction rates by streamlining operations and boosting process efficiencies. The team follows best practices, maintains security standards and minimizes risks. In the ever-evolving business landscape, technology-enabled back office solutions keep your business one step ahead.

Our Outsourced Back Office Services

  • Documentation
  • Data Entry and Processing
  • Customer On-boarding
  • Digitization and Scanning
  • Software Development for Processes
  • Transaction Processing
  • Maintaining Records

Back Office Services-DOMESTIC

  • Credit Card Application Processing
  • Account opening form processing for Current Account & Saving Account (CASA),
    Donors Receipts creation through Donors Management System (DMS), CERSAI & more.
  • e-KYC and CKYC
  • CAM Preparation
  • Memo for NBFCs
  • Scanning, Indexing, Segregation for Large Warehouse
  • House Loan Application Processing
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Consumer Durable Loan Processing for Banks
  • Gold Loan File Processing
  • Fastag Processing
  • End-to-end Tech Solutions for Transport Management

Back Office Services-INTERNATIONAL

  • Data Capturing through Imaging Systems
  • Capturing Vehicle Details for Highway Toll LLC, Parking
  • Data Capturing and Analysis from leading advertisers, agencies and
    media companies for their digital marketing and advertising
  • Data capturing of Customer First Name, Last Name & Address
  • Collecting the relevant Crime Data from Police Agencies and
    Valid Sources and Website QC Maker/Checker

Benefits of Calibehr’s Back Office Services

Calibehr’s Back Office Services: Why Choose Us?

  • Pan-India presence
  • End-to-end solutions
  • 15+ years of experience
  • 10+ Industries served
  • Latest technology and tools

Decades of back office experience and in-depth expertise you can trust. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Back Office Outsourcing?+

The back office consists of processes like administration, documentation, IT services, record maintenance, and support personnel that carry out tasks behind the scenes and do not face clients in the front. Back office outsourcing is the process by which a company delegates back-office operations to a third-party service provider.

How does Back Office Services help a business?+

Back office services offer myriad benefits to a business which include better productivity, higher efficiency, cost-effective processes, access to experts and the latest technology. Additionally, companies can focus on their core competencies and work towards the vision. Contact us for more details.

What is the difference between Front-office and Back Office Operations?+

Front office operations are customer-facing, which means company personnel interact with customers; they answer queries, inform them about products and services, and offer guidelines. The back office stays behind the scenes and supports the business by performing a wide range of tasks such as data entry, data management, documentation, IT services etc.

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