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The current business scenario today is more progress focused than ever, constantly finding itself amidst digital revolutions, cut throat competitions, real time demands, and tapering timelines. This calls for instant decisions, ready taskforce and above all on-demand skilled manpower. Thus, temporary staffing was born to tackle on-demand and seasonal manpower influx.

Range of Temporary Staffing Solutions

Calibehr’s wide array of Pan-India temp staffing solutions is equipped to help companies match shoulders with their immediate workforce demands.

  • Contractual or Temporary Staffing
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Documentation of New Employees
  • Payroll Management
  • Legal and Statutory Compliance
  • Compliance Audits

Our main focus is to help businesses not just enhance but accelerate their business processes so that they can use our expertise, experience and our database to achieve their goals faster.

Pan- India Contractual Staffing Company

What do you do when you want to fulfil on-demand work requirements but love employer-employee flexibility at the same time? The solution to this lies in contractual staffing.

Multiple industry moguls rely on contract-based temporary hiring of talents to accomplish their seasonal / project based demands


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