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Ever since RBI made it mandatory for BFSI companies to collect customer KYC, it has been a real hassle for organizations to tackle the influx of data from customers. On the other hand, market Research has been the key to understanding your customers, be it through surveys, feedback, product testing or focus groups.

This is where Calibehr’s step in to assist organizations throughout the KYC collection and verification journey. Now no one business is the same and at Calibehr we understand this! That’s why we engage in custom market research strategies so that we can extract value-worthy data that is personalized for you and only you.

Range of Field Service Management Services

KYC/ Checque/ Lean Documents (pre & post disbursement)/ NACH collection - Post lead generation, you can let our contact center experts take care of KYC collection and verification including cheque pick-up from respective organizations and even with Pre/Post Disbursement document collection.

Data Collection for Survey and Research - Data collection can be a long, tedious process but it is crucial if you want to understand your business holding in the market! Our expert field service executives are here to ease the process.

Udyam Aadhar and MSME certificate verification - From collection of necessary documents like Aadhar to verifying and submitting them on your behalf- we'll do it all

Address Verification - We'll help you conduct adept residence and office verification for both self-employed and salaried individuals

Due Diligence of Centre (Pre and Post activation) - We’ll make sure growth strategies and compliance are in line during both pre and post activation.

Visual Merchandising Audit - Our retail and visual merchandising audit includes display, pricing and everything in between including shelf space, promotions and even planogram compliance

Skip Tracking Activity - We’ll be there in every step of your skip tracing plans from ensuring you have ample information to verifying the information for accuracy.


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