Yes, background verification is mandatory and necessary in India. Read this article to find out why.

Employees are the backbone of every successful organization. Each of them makes a significant contribution to the growth and success of the business. This is the reason why careful considerations are necessary while recruiting a new employee always.

Your company is making a huge investment of time, resources and money when you plan on recruiting a new hire. Therefore, it is imperative that companies should run personal, academic, financial and work-related background verification of the potential employee before providing the offer letter.

There are highly efficient and trusted background verification companies that can perform background checks on behalf of your company. Since it is mandatory, you can leave this responsibility to an external entity while focusing on developing strategies for overall business growth.

Why is Background Screening Important?

Background screening has been a common practice in India for a long time. However, the practice has gained popularity in recent times among industries of all sizes. This is due to the exponential increase in cases of information discrepancies and CV fraud among job applicants.

Many companies often forego candidate screening activities which are vital to detect fraudulent applicants at the first instance. Failure to find such cases during the initial recruitment process can lead to myriad problems for the company.

For example, it can damage the reputation of the company, lead to monetary losses due to poor performance and productivity and even compromise data.

Therefore, it is now impossible to hire employees without following a thorough background screening procedure of the potential candidate for the job and assessing the past records presented to the company.

Find out other benefits background verification offers to businesses in the next section.

Benefits of Background Checks

The major employment sectors in India such as IT, Automobile and Healthcare are known to do background checks before hiring employees. On the other hand, the retail and hospitality sectors often overlook it. Irrespective of big or small business, you should follow background verification as it has many benefits.

Quality and Productivity

To maintain high standards of the quality of the workforce, it is essential that all your employees have an authentic track record of high work-related performance.

In addition, employees with truly high capabilities and valuable experience play a critical role in increasing the productivity of the business. Therefore, background verification can reveal if that’s really the case with your potential new hire.

Honesty and Integrity

A team of employees who are honest and possess integrity are great assets to the organization. According to various reports, a large number of candidates lie on their resumes about education, certifications, last salary, work experience, references etc.

Thus, a background screening can help to find out the truth. Professional background verification service providers are experts who can find out about the credibility of the information shared with you.

Workplace Safety

To ensure workplace safety for women, it is important that companies should check the criminal history of all the job applicants. A safe environment is of utmost importance for business growth.

Moreover, cyber security is another aspect which needs to be considered today. Cybercriminals employ various means to attack companies and gain financial and personal data. Therefore, criminal verification is a must to prevent your business from highly dangerous recruitment mistakes.

Reputation and Credibility

A company’s reputation and credibility are at risk when you fail to find fraudulent applicants and hire them for different roles. It can damage your relationship with clients, customers and business associates. Therefore, extra measures must be taken to avoid such hiring mistakes.

Possible Risks of No Background Verifications

There are many possible risks if you overlook background verification. However, the commonly observed risks are cyber crimes and harm to employees.

Cybercriminals often use sensitive business data and personal information and threaten to leak it online. It is also used to make monetary gains. Criminals who make it to the organization often can cause emotional and physical harm to other employees.

Essential Components of Background Verification Check

You can either do it by yourself or partner with trusted background verification companies to undertake this procedure.


Documents that show academic performance and educational qualifications can be checked by communicating with the mentioned educational institutions. Several things like the date on which the certificate was issued, name and address of the candidate, passing date and qualification can be ascertained.

Work Experience

The work experience of the potential employee can be verified by contacting previous employers and by checking the work experience certificate. It can help in evaluating the candidate’s designation, number of years of experience and job roles and responsibilities.

Personal Background Verification

It is common for companies to check personal information through ID cards. Bank records, reference verification and civil records can also be checked. Furthermore, criminal records can be checked by visiting the local police station.

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