In the highly competitive job market of today, every business organisation wants to hire the best talent. One of the big hurdles faced by HR managers today is to find employees with honesty and integrity. Employers are now relying on background verification companies to conduct pre-employment background verification checks. The process provides valuable information about a candidate’s past and identifies any discrepanices in the documents submitted. Ultimately, it helps companies to make informed hiring decsions.

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Further in the blog, find out what is pre-employment background verification checks, the advantages and how it is done.

What is Pre-employment Background Verification Checks and Why it is Important

Background verification checks, also referred to as background screening, is a process of investigating the personal, educational and employment claims made by a candidate in an interview for a job vacancy. The background check services use the latest technology and focused techniques to verify a candidate’s address, government IDs, qualifications, job locations, criminal records, references and other important details.
Meticulous background verification is important today because of the rising cases of resume fraud, poor productivity, sensitive data leaks, and criminal activities done by employees who are hired without proper screening. It is especially important for roles where employees directly deal with sensitive company assets and data.

In addition, the thorough screening process is done for the following:

  • Assess the candidate’s behaviour
  • Evaluate past performance
  • Validate candidate’s claims
  • Confirm if the candidate’s values are in sync with the company culture
  • To determine whether the candidate will be an asset or a liability

Find out in-depth about the advantages of background verification checks in the next section.

Advantages of Pre-employment Background Verification Checks

The background screening companies help businesses to save a lot of time, effort and money. The expert-led background verification gives a clear picture of candidates which can help businesses to make superior hiring decisions. Find out the other advantages below.

  1. Safety -Workplace safety and security are of massive importance. The background verification process can identify candidates with past criminal records or activities. Many candidates hide such information while giving interviews. Depending on the company policy, a thorough assessment of candidates can help to make workplaces safe.
  2. Authenticating Experience and Qualifications –Resumes can lie. Candidates knowingly or unknowingly exaggerate qualifications, skills and experience to impress the interviewer. Businesses can authenticate candidate claims and find discrepancies if any. It can also save the cost of hiring the wrong candidate for open job positions.
  3. Protecting Company Image and Assets -Employees hired without screening can cause a lot of problems for a company. Poor work ethics and performance can damage the relationship with clients or customers. Criminal activity within the organizational premise can lead to a loss of brand reputation. In addition, the company needs to protect its valuable assets. Hiring employees with questionable behaviour makes companies vulnerable to cyber-attacks too.
  4. Eliminating Risks -A slacker in the workplace is always a liability for companies. Plus, workplace harassment cases are huge financial risks. It is wise for companies to hire right with the help of background verification companies and eliminate all kinds of legal risks.
  5. Meeting Compliance Requirements -Industries such as healthcare, finance and others are mandated by law to hire employees with genuine certifications and qualifications. In case the compliance requirements remain unmet, companies will need to pay hefty penalties.
  6. Better Quality of Hires -Background verification can help companies boost the quality of hires, which in turn, can boost productivity and efficiency. It also helps companies build a strong and resilient workforce that can steer the company in the right direction.

What Involves Pre-employment Background Verification Checks?

Now that you know what pre-employment background verification check is and why it is important, find out what the process involves.

  1. Education/Qualifications -It involves verifying the education/qualification details shared by the candidate on the resume. Businesses will be able to examine if the candidate will be able to justify the role given.
  2. Employment History –The BGV experts contact companies where the employee has worked before and check if the employment history is true or not.
  3. Criminal Records -Criminal record checks help companies to determine if the candidate has engaged in any criminal activities in the past or is there any pending cases or FIR records.
  4. Eliminating Risks -A slacker in the workplace is always a liability for companies. Plus, workplace harassment cases are huge financial risks. It is wise for companies to hire right with the help of background verification companies and eliminate all kinds of legal risks.
  5. Reference -Reference checks are one of the best methods to confirm candidate details. It helps companies to assess the candidate's performance, ethics, behaviour and much more.

Calibehr is one of the trusted and reliable background verification companieswith a PAN-India presence. The qualified and experienced team of screening experts can help you find real talent and thorough professionals every time. For more details, contact us.

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