A world leader in Global Payment Services, well-known for developing innovative ways to send and exchange money through different digital platforms. Based in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. the client has delivered technology-enabled mobile & other retail channels for a convenient mode of payment for countless businesses and their customers. Currently present in 200 countries and territories with over 500,000+ agent locations, 100,000 ATMs and kiosks around the globe and transacting from more than 130 currencies.


- Agent overview program to conduct anti-money laundering activities; to be analyzed and audited at client agent locations.

- To conduct training programs for frontline associates for managing designated customer agent locations on the purchase acceptance process.


- Implemented MarketMindz, a mobile & web platform which automated the entire process, i.e., the roster for auditors to know audit location, review process/questionnaire to be filled, geo-location mapping along with pictures of audit location.

- Real-time QA/verification (tool built by the Calibehr in-house team) for the data input and enabled in the application from the audit location by Calibehr auditors.

- Risk Calculator feature in the application for various risk categories on every location & intimating the risk score to the client.


- Able to review 25,000+ locations in 300+ cities every year using MarketMindz.

- Client gives mandate to conduct similar Anti Money Laundering Compliance location audit in Indonesia and the Philippines based on the audit quality benchmark set in India.

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