A prestigious financial organization approached us seeking background verification solutions. Following in-depth discussions to grasp their needs, we identified their requirements and strategized on how to create a positive impact for our client.




The client was aiming to recruit 900 retail sales associates to sell insurance products in Reliance retail stores. However, KYC compliance gaps without the collection and verification of associates’ documents, including Aadhaar and PAN were major security and compliance risks. In addition, the company felt a lack of verification measures impacting trust and thus wanted an attendance tracking mechanism.



These demands didn't align with conventional background verification solutions. However, Calibehr crafted an exclusive, tailored solution. We integrated multiple services into a comprehensive package, helping the client to build a strong relationship with associates in quick time.

Here’s how we did it:

1) Managed and streamlined the complete background verification of associates in keeping with the turnaround time desired by the client, accelerating the process and boosting efficiency.

2) Advanced tools and techniques utilized to detect any fraud candidate, thereby securing the workplace and protecting business.

3) Took care of industry-specific regulations for finance firms and prevented the company from non-compliance-related fines.

4) Tracking attendance process achieved via the Mitra application, built in-house by Calibehr.

By combining background verification and HRMS technology, we offered the client a seamless, wow-worthy solution.

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