One of the largest financial companies, providing Personal Loan to more than 1 million customers. For this process Document & KYC collection for Personal Loan was utmost important part of the day to day operations


Induce cost savings by reduction in current operational cost required for KYC

- Identify process improvement opportunities and provide continuous value adds to the business


Developed a Technology Solution (Web & Mobile) Samast with following key features:

- Calibehr Ops team started handling a big volume of leads in short notice period by using Lead Allocation algorithm available in Samast

- Executive on the field gets up to date information about – timely visit at customer location for collecting the required KYC document, update of real time feedback from the user to have better clarity for client

- Reduced TAT because of the fully automated system with minimal manual intervention


Maximum lead closures in short duration of time

- Minimum to & fro between client & Calibehr because of real time update to the client about conversion/fulfilment status


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