A leading Japanese electronics company faced business challenges on multiple fronts, essentially sales and manpower management. Calibehr utilized its synergy of people, process and technology solutions to deliver desired results. Find out how in this case study.




One of the largest Japanese electronics enterprises in India, the client has produced innumerable quality products ranging from television sets to mobile phones, appealing to a vast customer base globally. A leader in the global digital era, the company has established India as its hub from where they are aiming to grow in Asia, the Middle East and Western countries. 


The electronics giant which grew exponentially in the last two decades started facing operational hurdles due to several factors such as changing market dynamics, new-age skill requirements and the need for technology integration. As the situation got unmanageable and a bit chaotic, the management jumped into action, discussed with all stakeholders and listed out the following key concerns:

  • On top of the list were the challenges of human resource operations namely recruitment, staffing and payroll which was directly affecting the Sales and Distribution team’s performance and output.


  • Urgent solutions were required to handle the growing number of staff in different departments like direct sales, telesales and support.


  • Additional support for background checks, error-free documentation and induction of new recruits were found to be top priorities.

After a month filled with meetings, searches and a few important calls, the company zeroed in on Calibehr to offer effective solutions for the challenges faced by the company. 


In the first meeting with the client, experts at Calibehr realized that the company requires a multi-faceted strategy to streamline its operations and achieve substantial return on investments. As deliberation and discussion progressed, the Calibehr team finalized and documented what solutions would help the company tick all the boxes.

Here are the solutions Calibehr came up with for the Japanese electronics giant:

  • Bearing in mind the objectives of the client as well as their priorities, Calibehr began operations with a minimum of 100 assets through recruitment.


  • Took charge of the induction program for new employees and helped them in their career development plans for sustainability and better job satisfaction.


  • Created a suitable Technology Solution (Web & Mobile) that provides product-wise sales reports and sales trends to the client. In addition, the solution helped the company track employee productivity and revenue generation from different geographies.



  • As Calibehr effectively handled human capital services, the client was able to concentrate on their core expertise, boosting overall business productivity and efficiency.


  • Calibehr’s gamut of services simplified the following processes: recruitment, onboarding, salary processing, disbursement of incentives, query handling and on-time support to all employees, and maximized satisfaction index of the Client and their employees.


  • Calibehr also helped the client with seasonal spikes in resource requirements during the festive period. In the limited time, Calibehr armed the client with the required headcount to achieve exponential sales.


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