One of the leading  ISO 9001 certified of dental product manufacture, importers & distributors of leading international brands in India for over 20 years, wanted to launch a new product in India, therefore, they got in touch with us to accomplish the marketplace survey for product quality with competitors penetration.


To launch an exclusive product in India dental market which supports on in deep marketplace survey for product need with competitor penetration. Survey material & requirement-

- To touch base & personally visit the dentist in selected urban communities

- Use marketing video clip of the product to brief them about the uses & exclusiveness on the product

- Get the survey form & comment filled by the dental practitioner


- Started with a survey targeting one city and based on the impressive response to the survey we started covering other urban communities simultaneously

- After analyzing the whole survey report a detailed report was submitted to the client which concluded that practitioner liked the product and where looking forward to product release in the market


- Field officers were provided a device with an application installed so that all review data will be captured through the app with picture & information of the participants

- We also went an extra mile by confirming and checking the survey review on an individual level before submission of the report. 


- An instant database was created of the potential customer for the product to increase sale on the first phase of the launch itself.

- Loud noise & awareness about the usability of the product was created in the dental market.

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