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In the world of rapid changes and instant on-demand results, being stuck with paper-people error seems really outdated. When time sensitive projects demand fluid and fluent management structures, shifting to automation and upgrading your technological skeleton can really help your brand stay ahead of the curve.

Automation allows you to see your business’s real-time progress while you manage an entire work force- manpower and machinery included from the comfort of your home or office space. Calibehr’s comprehensive range of customizable software solutions can bring real transformation to your business process.

Range of Workforce Management Solutions by Calibehr

Managing an efficient workforce- Eliminate repetitive workload in any domain by enabling enterprises to digitize time and attendance processes through employee optimization all through automation

Leave management- Get instant update on your employees and their vacation / sabbatical/ leave or other work centric updates through a comprehensive one-stop-platform without manual intervention

Strategic Business Insight & Market Intelligence- Get access to real-time market insights, industry updates, business data analysis, cloud storage of valuable information, detailed customer and competitor knowledge and much more

Human Resource Management- While you focus on other core operations and ROI strategies automated HR solutions can generate employee performance stats, payroll and other time consuming HR parameters

Workforce Planning- Make employee management hassle-free by automating shift generation, performance reviews, sales forecasting, labor distribution, and more

Employee performance management- Our software-enabled workforce management solutions make performance management a cakewalk with daily/weekly/biweekly/annual review and analysis options

AI Intelligence - Reap the benefits of our AI workforce management tool to elevate security and customer communications through AI-based chatbots, Face ID recognition & more

Tailor Made Solutions- We don't believe in 'one solution fits all'! We'll tailor make processes and customize automation as per your project need

Seamless Integration - Don't ditch your existing API's just yet! Our tech backed automation can seamlessly integrate with your existing in-house applications to ensure smooth running as always

Workforce Management Tool To Fuel Business Automation

The benefits of automation include not just time efficiency and reduced manual labour but also minimized operational costs, improved customer relations, improved productivity and much more. Here’s what our custom automation tool can help your business accomplish-

  • Enhanced operational efficiency with precision forecasts
  • Improved business communication
  • Compliance updates with latest regulatory changes
  • Streamlined HR and Administrative Processes
  • Automated Tracking, Supervision and Monitoring
  • Minimized labor costs
  • Fluid Workflow along with amendable working arrangements
  • Smooth access to all reports and value-worthy information
  • Improved employee work-life balance

BENEFITS OF Managed Services

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