RPA Bots automate and simplify reporting work for a leading onboarding firm, enabling their team to focus on other high-value tasks. 


Our client is a major onboarding firm working for multiple industries across the length and breadth of India. The client is also well-known for offering tailored solutions to large organizations such as leading banks to fulfil their hiring needs. 


The analysts at the onboarding firm worked round the clock to update the status of the offer letters and the appointment letters handed out to potential candidates. Weekly and monthly reports were created which provided a clear understanding of the current and the ongoing onboarding candidate status to respective clients throughout the year. Developing and managing reports were routine tasks for the team. 

However, the large volume of status updates overwhelmed the analysts and other team members and left them exhausted every day. Manually updating the master database and marking duplicate information requests from clients started to affect the performance of the team. The breaking point came when the error rate due to the manual process reached a peak. The inaccurate data started to lead to endless rounds of client communication and wastage of time and effort, directly impacting the results.  

The client realized that the reports extraction process was in disarray and the existing system was complicated and time-consuming. Thus began the search for a business solution provider who could solve the manual process problem and make it more efficient. This led the client straight to Calibehr.


Calibehr experts studied the complete onboarding process followed by the firm in quick time. More discussions followed around how the impact on business can be identified and solved through technology and the Calibehr team came up with an effective solution: Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Calibehr wasted no time in developing RPA tools to make the process simple, productive and error-free. RPA bots were used to extract the vast amount of data at the client’s disposal on a daily basis and prepare weekly and monthly charts categorizing them into branch-wise and zone-wise reports. Here’s how the automation of the process helped the firm:

  • Fetching the data from the on-boarding database
  • Segregate the data branch wise, zone and client wise depending on the requirement
  • Placing the data in a template format
  • Making an easy-to-understand chart of the template requested
  • Attaching charts in the Excel sheet and putting the same in the mail body
  • Emailing a detailed report in the end


  • RPA Bots processed 46 reports per day with 100% accuracy
  • The firm was able to save manpower time of 34,560 hours annually 
  • RPA bots automated 37.5% of the work, and 80% of cases now required no human intervention. 
  • 88.89% AHT reduction (from 4 hours to 15 minutes)

The bots also assist with cases that require analyst attention, identifying and opening outliers to help speed their resolution. Supplier relations are enhanced while the analysts are freed to take on high-value and more satisfying work.

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