Bots help email services and improve visualization process free resources for higher-value work.

A major onboarding department turned to Calibehr to help streamline a key aspect of its reports extraction process. The existing system was complicated and time-consuming, yet critical to creating reports and identifying Poor visibility handicapsmeasurement.

As our onboarding team is working with a leading banking organization so, both goals were important to the client and an organization – and difficult to manage all the reports manually and complex calculations of onboarding reports. Each time theoperations team received a request for the status of the offer letter and appointment letter from the client as well as management, an analyst had to manually check to see if therequest was a new one. If the clients were emailing about onboarding candidate status requests, the analyst had to not only update the master database with details but also take care to mark it as a duplicate request and make the reports to share this with clients as well as management.

Service providers receiving request emails from their clients to share the monthly and weekly data of their onboarding candidate status, and an average handling time of 30 minutes per request, the inefficient process was harming productivity. And inaccurate data prepared by an analyst by the entered portal and – could lead to multiple rounds of clients communication, consuming yet more time and potentially hurting clients relations.

Delivering Robotic Process Automation

We use our extensive RPA tools to design and extract data from the database on daily basis and prepare a chart of Monthly and weekly for client-wise, Branch wise, and Zone wise robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that substantially automate the process. Running two hours per day, 6 days a week, bots automatically execute the following steps:

  • Fetch the data from the onboard database.
  • Segregate the data Branch wise and client wise
  • Put the data in a template format.
  • Make the chart of that template request.
  • Attached is the excel data and put the chart in a mail body
  • Email a detailed report at the end.

Bots process 46 reports per day with 100% accuracy, saving the service provider manpower time 34,560 hours annually. The averagehandling time per request is down to 30 seconds, a reduction of almost 89%. The bots automate 37.5% of the work, and 80% ofcases now require no human intervention. The bots also assist with cases that do require analyst attention, identifying and opening outliers to help speed their resolution. Supplier relations are enhanced, while the analysts are freed to take on higher-value, more satisfying work.

At a glance

The onboarding team turned to us to streamline its reports for communicating with their clients and management about the status of their client's onboarding data for Registered, offer accepted, Offer rejected. We designed robotic process automation (RPA) solution that frees up resources for higher-value work by automating the most steps in the operation.


Running 15 minutes per day, six days a week, bots automatically fetch, prepare charts to generate excel sheets of reports and attached details in mail, for internal use.

The results to date include:

  • 88.89% AHT reduction (from 4hours to 15minutes)
  • 100% accuracy
  • 80% of cases are fully automated
  • 37.5% resource optimization

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