A prestigious financial organization approached us seeking manpower solutions. Following in-depth discussions to grasp their needs, we identified their requirements and strategized on how to create a positive impact for our client.

The client sought:

1) Recruitment of 900 retail sales associates to sell insurance products in Reliance Retail Stores, aiming for minimal costs akin to staffing recruitment fees.
2) Engagement of associates as consultants, eliminating the option of outsourcing.
3) Collection and verification of associates’ documents, including Aadhaar and PAN.
4) Implementation of an online HRMS tool for tracking associate attendance.

These demands didn't align with conventional HR or manpower solutions. However, Calibehr crafted an exclusive, tailored solution. We integrated three services into a comprehensive package, meeting all client requirements:

1) Hiring associates at a competitive rate slightly above staffing fees but significantly less than permanent hiring costs.
2) Establishing direct agreements between associates and the client.
3) Utilizing Calibehr Mitra Application for onboarding, including background verification and document uploads on the associate page.
4) Tracking attendance via the Mitra application.

By combining recruitment, background verification, and HRMS technology, we offered the client a seamless, WOW-worthy solution.

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