Five Challenges & Solutions in Talent Acquisition.

In today’s world, recruiting is a difficult yet challenging task. Even when teams and resources are getting smaller, the expected results are still the same.

The most precious asset for a company is having the right individual for the appropriate job. The biggest problem for a start-up or an existing business, nevertheless, is to assemble a team of highly skilled and talented individuals.

In this post, we'll talk about the difficulties that HR departments have with recruiting new employees and how Calibehr may assist HR departments become more productive by automating time consumptions with essential HR recruitment process.

Which HR process did you find the most challenging, if you had to pick just one? I'm assuming it has less to do with "rightsizing" at your organisation and more to do with "talent acquisition," which is frequently regarded as a major HR issue.

Many businesses are considering the reasons for the two-year decline in recruiting quality and have blamed it on the pandemic, the recession, or other issues. This could be attributed to a number of things, including the competence and calibre of the talent teams assembled to handle this important work. Additionally, a lot of other factors are typically ignored, and recruitment team or the hiring process are singled out and blamed for producing subpar work.

First recruitment challenge: Finding the suitable individuals

Lack of eligible applicants is currently the biggest employment or say Staffing challenge. The National Federation of Independent Business conducted a study, and 87% of HR professionals said that they had "little to no eligible candidates" for the positions they were trying to fill.

It's unfortunate that things will only become worse. You won't have a choice but to participate in the talent wars and contend with rival businesses for the top candidates.

92% of professionals said they would think about switching careers if they were offered a job with a company with a positive employer brand. The problem is that all of your competitors will be sending out adverts via HR outsourcing services claiming to be the top employers to the same qualified individuals. What can you do to set yourself apart?

Solution 1: A multichannel hiring strategy

You may find the best and brightest people by using a multichannel recruitment process outsourcing, which includes internal and external employee referrals, job postings on your website, social media, job boards, and cooperation with vendors and staffing firms.

Recruitment Challenge #2: Improving the hiring procedure

When there is a flood of resumes and applications for open positions, especially when each job ad receives an average of 250 resumes, it is difficult for the HR Team to maintain track of documentation. To swiftly choose the finest personnel, the hiring team must work together with candidates and inside the team. Furthermore, administrative tasks take up too much time that should be spent on the hiring process and giving candidates a positive experience.

Solution 2: Centralize HR documentation as a second option

With centralised file management in the HR document management system, you can increase the efficiency and precision of the HR recruitment process. The applicant records' digital and physical records are organised and safely stored via the file tracking system. It is also possible to collect and centralise all associated email messages and attachments. The HR department has access to and can share notes and feedback about each candidate.

3rd recruitment challenge: Candidate screening issues are the.

There are few experienced applicants available, but it takes a lot of time and effort for recruiters to sift through the numerous resumes and applications to find the best candidates. Reaching out to the right prospects and convincing them to choose your company over the competition is crucial.

Solution 3rd: Recruiting process optimization

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that the typical hiring procedure takes 42 days. 27 working days are reported as the average in other research. It's feasible that you will hire the best candidates first if you fill a position more quickly than your rivals. By automating the hiring process using digital workflow, you may overcome the drawbacks of manual paper-based hiring. By automating the hiring process, your HR department can make decisions more quickly and identify qualified candidates for open positions.

4th recruitment challenge: a longer hiring process

If you do not swiftly hire great talent, your rivals will! The likelihood that a candidate will be hired decreases with the length of the hiring process. Longer hiring processes lead to an unpleasant candidate experience, which over time hurts the company's reputation.

Solution #4: Analyse your recruitment stats and data

The issues with conventional hiring practises are well known among recruiters. Employers can improve their hiring procedures and selection processes by using recruitment metrics and data. However, collecting and analysing data could take some time. Spreadsheets are one method of managing hiring data, but they require manual labour, are susceptible to human error, and are rigid. It becomes challenging to accurately monitor data and trends as a result. Hiring teams demand strategies for efficiently and effectively gathering and arranging data.

Challenge #5 in Hiring: Maintain Compliance

At every stage of the employment process, compliance is a crucial problem. Documents are created, used, and kept as part of the recruiting process to make hiring easier and guarantee that it complies with applicable rules and regulations. Sanctions or financial losses may follow any noncompliance.

Solution #5 in Hiring: Maintain Compliance

At every stage of the employment process, compliance is a crucial problem. Documents are created, used, and kept as part of the recruiting process to make hiring easier and guarantee that it complies with applicable rules and regulations. Sanctions or financial losses may follow any noncompliance.

Despite their good intentions and advancements in HR on boarding, applicant tracking systems do not give HR managers the same level of access to all business processes as human resource document management does.

In fact, only their categorization features alone make human resource document management solutions excellent substitutes for applicant tracking systems.

Calibehr removes the typical obstacles associated with manual document circulation by facilitating the flow of papers in an accurate and timely digital repository. Using a versatile workflow designer, you may adapt your workflow procedures. Everyone receives timely alerts and the information they need to complete their job.

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