India, the fastest-growing major economy with 6.5-7% growth in the Financial Year 2023, is on the verge of becoming a global manufacturing hub and most preferred business destination. Led by private consumption and capital formation, the growth has increased employment levels. Consequently, the job market for freshers has witnessed a spike. The employable young talent has increased, and there is substantial growth observed in the employable women workforce, acting as a catalyst for robust fresher hiring trends.

Despite job layoffs increasing globally, the Indian Inc. companies are willing to hire freshers. Leading from the front are the IT companies, followed by Telecom, E-commerce and Healthcare industries. Skilled freshers in domains such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Data Analysis are in tremendous demand. It is testimony to India’s business resurgence and burgeoning opportunities for freshers. Plus, there are several reasons why businesses are opting to hire young talent.

Calibehr is a leading staffing agency in Mumbai helping brands cut across verticals with their staffing requirements for 15+ years. The team of experts at Calibehr opine that business organisations have drastically changed their hiring strategies. Due to the shortage of professionals skilled in new technologies, the cost of acquiring such talent is high. Businesses are thus zeroing in on freshers, training them with the latest skills and building efficient teams, expecting better returns on investments.

The top sectors paying high salaries to freshers currently are IT, Aviation, E-Commerce, BFSI and Oil, Gas, and Energy. The best industries for freshers include Recruitment, Staffing, BPO, IT, VFSI and Education. It is important to note that salary will vary depending on various factors such as the employed city, skills, employability and trainability quotient of freshers. For instance, an AI fresher will have the opportunity to earn a high salary in a city like Mumbai, while the national average salary would be less. Thus, the high salary factor is conditional and cannot be seen as a constant.

Calibehr staffing experts believe it is high time that businesses collaborate with colleges at the early stage for hiring capable freshers, and join government programs such as the Board of Apprentice Training BOAT’s National Apprenticeship Training Scheme (NATS) to empower freshers. Education, along with social and government support, is required for preparing employees for the future. Recruitment professionals see making Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Sustainability Data Analysts, Robotics, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation as mandatory subjects at the school and college level as a game-changer. Young minds should be encouraged to ace new-age concepts, leading the country to a brighter future.

Technology is at the centre of all things in business today. In addition, digitalization is the future. AI is set to transform the global economy. For all stakeholders comprising business leaders, investors and partners, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Environmental, Sustainable, Governance (ESG) plus green transition have also become a top priority and will drive hiring trends in the future.

All the developments at the world stage point to the fact that India soon will become a tech powerhouse. A talent pool capable of cutting-edge technologies, analysis, automation and innovation promises a greater employability rate. Additionally, freshers need to concentrate on developing additional skills such as problem-solving, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, reasoning and negotiation with an innate ability for innovation to stand out from the rest.

Freshers looking to make it big in the corporate world need to know that change is the only constant now. They should look to add immense value to the organization and look for opportunities to transform companies with innovative strategies and the latest technology. Upskilling and reskilling according to business needs is the need of the hour to stay relevant. It augurs well in the longer run.

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