What is Automate?

Automate is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based real-time business performance monitoring application which provides insights for in-store and on-field sales. It aids the Sales Force and Senior Stakeholders to manage the on-field resources & productivity, gain market intelligence and acquire detailed sales analytics to drive strategic business decisions.

Industry Challenges

Managing the in-store and on-field sales data points is a strenuous task.  With traditional reporting model, there is a possibility of human error. 80% of reporting managers have concerns around sales data reported from the field, deviation in the SKU numbers, display defects etc. In addition, the manual process of managing the Sales Force’ attendance and productivity is broken.

The Senior Stakeholders in the system require a complete overview of the employee productivity, reasons for opportunity loss and total sales to identify performance gaps and strategic improvement opportunities.  Introducing Automate – a complete solution to tackle all the above challenges.

Features of Automate:

Automate is packed with incredibly useful features to provide actionable and data driven business insights, some of which are:

1] Master Data Management

One stop solution to maintain repository of all master values starting from Dealers, Branches, Sales Targets/Incentives to Employees’ weekly off and leave plans. The Operations team can easily manage this data through our user friendly web and mobile interface.

2] Essentials

  • Sales Data Tracking
    A quick look at Top Performers (Zone, States, City, Individuals, Product Categories) is just a click away. Our automated email trigger system will also help you with zero sales alerts.
  • Sales Force Availability
    The Attendance dashboard shows the key attendance trends, % deviation in reporting time and location and total headcount for a particular region or zone. Based on this information, you can compare the different zones, identify the weak ones and take appropriate actions to improve the attendance rate.
  • Market Intelligence
    Automate allows the user to gather market intelligence data based on the sales performance of their competitors. The market analysis and intelligence gathering is a critical step in identifying the performance gaps to drive further strategic business decisions.
  • Opportunity Loss
    Identify the top reasons of opportunity loss (Ex: Out of Stock) and take necessary actions to improve sales performance.
  • SKU Deviation
    The SKU Deviation interface enables the reporting manager to identify whether a category / model assigned to particular store is physically available in the store or not.

3] Analytics

  • Attendance Dashboard
    The Attendance dashboard displays the total headcount, Attendance Trend and Deviation Trend for the present day at a Zone, State, City and Branch level.
  • Out of Stock Dashboard
    The Out of Stock dashboard allows the client management to view the Out of Stock count, Month on Month Total Out of Stock Trend, Reported Display Defects and Month on Month Total Display Defect Trends.
  • Sales Report
    The Sales Report assists in comparing the actual sales vs target sales (Zone, State, City & Branch level) and view month on month sales.

Benefits of Automate

Being a business performance monitoring application with fantastic features, Automate comes with many great benefits as well:

  • In-Store & On-Field Productivity Enhancement
  • Eliminates Paper Work by Digitization of day to day operations
  • Gain Market Intelligence
  • Identify Performance Gaps
  • Improve Sales Performance

Service Sectors Catered by Automate:

Automate has rendered it services to cater various service sectors such as Retail, FMCG, FMCD, Logistics and BFSI.

To conclude, Automate is a wholesome product bundled up with real time reporting, mobility tracking, market intelligence and advanced sales analytics which benefits the entire hierarchy – starting from the ground staff to the reporting managers and up towards the senior client management. If you would like to know more about this Web & Mobile application, please write to us at info@calibehr.com.

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