The recruitment operations processing team, at present, have access to humongous and ever evolving technologies at their disposal. Gone are the days when hiring was done through systematic manual interference. The traditional method of recruitment, especially in the IT sector has been replaced with candidate sourcing technology. This technology involves sourcing and searching for keywords. The search provides the employer with the perfect candidature, making communication and assessment easier, convenient and faster. Traditional methods of hiring process involved a lot of phone talk time. However, this has been replaced with automated interview-scheduling applications. Technologies such as Chatbots, email communications, direct screening, etc. have secured a place in the hiring world, thanks to the time saved and the cost-per-hire. Having access to such tools and technologies enables the hiring professionals to dedicate their time and energy to other important activities such as - bringing in an optimized candidature experience, placing the right candidate for the perfect role and organizing the team in an efficient way to deliver performance.

In today’s digital-driven world of data, the human resources team has become the fast consumers. The days when employee stories, background, and other necessary information was kept encrypted in file folders, to be kept confidential are no longer in action! The HR department in the earlier days had to deal with a mountain load of paperwork that saved all files and applications in regards to a candidate. Shifting gears with digitally empowered technologies has, however, skipped the paperwork part and offered a window for the department to carry out its activities in a more efficient and convenient manner. The only challenge here is to train the department to use the tools that are available at their disposal.

Here, in this article, we are going to understand the technological trends that will define the next phase in the IT recruitment industry.

  1. Leveraging data to find the right candidature for the right position: The technology that is utilized in today’s recruitment process analyzes the most common data points such as the years of experience, the field of experience, etc. In the upcoming years, the data of the candidate will be leveraged through the use of social media and other channels of communications, giving an insight into some of the deep details such as interest of the candidate, his caliber and his experience through the field. Employers can scout social media sites in nanoseconds for talents that meet their requirements. Social media reduces the gap between the employer and the employee by bringing them closer together for direct discussions. The mass communication sites can also be helpful in scouting and analyzing data for talent pools, schools graduating high performers, and recruitment metrics to compare how a company fares in their local market.
  2. Leveraging data to optimize recruitment operations: Data is one of the most required things in the technological revolution era. Besides analyzing it from an employee’s perspective, data will also assist the recruitment operations team to up their game in the marketplace. Recruitment operations is all about scouting the best talents across fields in a competitive budget. Data from social media sites and other communication channels helps collate the market requirement and thus drops recruiting metrics and budget analysis in the same bowl to deliver a handsome return on investment.
  3. AI helping to find the best candidate: One of the most interesting and important features of technological intervention in the field of IT recruitment is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. AI eliminates bias by considering only the data and tapping only those points which are essential for role-based performance metrics. It does not relate with individuals emotionally rather brings a practical approach. This erases the concern for discussions over how an individual will manage to perform under a certain level of pressure and workflow, since AI itself triggers automated assessments which go far to study the mental and intellectual power of an individual, which shall ultimately decide if he/she is right for the job or not!
  4. Virtual Reality taking place: Virtual reality, which was once a dream for businesses has now become a reality. An IT Recruitment firm has to continuously evolve itself from traditional modes of communication to newer and exciting channels to make the applicants feel and experience a difference in the company’s brand. Virtual reality in the near future will help train employees in practical efforts, to make them aware of their chances to become better and beat the best. With the Meta platforms which are curating a sense of virtual world, the scene of employees getting themselves trained in their virtual office environment doesn’t seem far from reality!
  5. Blockchain revolutionization: Blockchain revolution if integrated with the IT recruitment process will be the greatest ever revolution in the field of recruitment. With blockchain technology, it will be easy for universities and schools to provide employers the access to educational records of the candidates. This will prevent cheating and spread of wrong information for the sake of employment. Not only this, but the technology will also provide an ease of access of records between present and past employers, making it convenient for all individuals in the chain to save time and energy.

While all of these are future- awaiting technologies, Calibehr, one of the best IT recruitment agencies in India, has already begun integrating several technologies into its system to provide an easy module to staffing solutions. The company has been associated with several large-scale enterprises, for which it has proved unmatched, in terms of ease of employment, onboarding and training. Begin one of the erstwhile IT staffing companies in India, Calibehr has acquired an experience that has helped it to evolve with the market and its requirements. So, the next time when your business is looking for recruitment processes, you need to figure out and discuss the chances of having all these technologies in place, to help you get a better return on investment.

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