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Calibehr – Fast Paced Software Product Development Company

Software product development process implies the development of quality and scalable solutions and offers high-end support services tailored to meet the unique needs of a specific market segment or business function. Software Product Development Services help businesses reduce time to market, foster innovation, improve operational efficiency, establish product lifecycle management (PLM), processes/program/manage projects, obtain significant results and make substantial advances.

From ideation to designing, platform selection, development, QA, live deployment and production support & maintenance, we do it all at Calibehr. Our fast strategic decision-making ability, Deadline-Oriented Professionals and Agile Software Product Development Methodology make us a fast-paced software product development company. We ensure timely communication with our clients, continuous deployment and quick and seamless digital experience. We also facilitate product re-engineering, integration and migration services to help businesses adapt to advanced technology and scenario.

Range of Product Development Services

Automate for Retail & FMCG- Automate is about digitization of the day-to-day operations of field force starting from their attendance and sales productivity tracking, to gathering unstructured data, from market and customer, and putting it into a structured format for analysis and deriving business insights. AI features like Face Detector for daily attendance capturing and speech to text for Help Desk queries help in end user engagement and improve user experience.

Automate for BFSI- This Product is a one stop solution for end to end processes from lead generation to fulfilment of BFSI Sales Activities for Credit Card & Home Loan.

MarketMindz- This product is for audit firms who would like to get real time updates from the field about various Compliance Audits conducted by their Field Force. This product along with handling multiple data points related to audit also monitors Field Force’s Productivity and provides business insights to senior management about risk factor/audit findings.

Connect- It is a HRMS Suite from Calibehr which provides all features required by HR Operations for Employee Lifecycle Management (Recruitment, On-boarding, Employee Engagement, Probation & Confirmation, Exit & Clearance, Timesheet & Productivity) & other features useful for Business Activities (Sales Data Management, Asset Management, HR/Admin/IT Infra Help Desk, Conference Room Booking etc). Machine Learning feature like Resume Parser ensures efficient output in modules like Recruitment.

Mitra - Mitra is an Employee Engagement Platform which helps Employer to get connected with its vast employee pool from different geographies. It is a platform which employees working from client/distant locations use to keep tap of Organizational Announcements, their day to day requirements (Salary Slips, PF etc), training/induction material, Employee Referral Program and to get queries addressed from helpdesk. Chat bot driven Help Desk has increased end user satisfaction many folds.

Custom Products development services- Calibehr’s product development team has the technological prowess to power businesses at every stage of the software development lifecycle. From discovery to ongoing post-launch enhancement, we have been refining our expertise across multiple verticals and solutions and are able to drive success and help businesses pull off various functions with less stress and less cost.

We’re Among the Leading Product Development Companies in India

Our clientele has appreciated our efforts for consistent endeavours to provide end-to-end Product Solutions which help them perform better and achieve high industry rankings. Our host of product solutions which serve different industries like Retail, FMCG, BFSI, HR will help your organization do business with ease, cutting the cost and time on processes. Here is why Calibehr is considered as a leading Software Product Development Company in India-

  • Our Strong Technical Acumen
  • Complete Source Code Ownership
  • Customized Product Development Capabilities
  • Focus on Superior UX
  • Our Market-Driven Approach
  • Adherence to Information Security Standards
  • Pan-India Presence
We focus on creating beautiful interactive web and mobile products in an agile manner. We thrive by architecting solutions which are scalable with complete transparency. We consider our clients as a team member of the project and work on the project like it's our own.

Benefits of Outsourcing Software Product Development to Businesses

Digital Transformation- Digital transformation comes with many challenges and organizations often have little to no digital capabilities. Product Development Companies offer a multidisciplinary expertise that encompasses AI and machine learning, big data tools, scalable cloud solutions, etc. which result in a faster time-to-market, increased customer satisfaction, and bring digital transformation.

Insightful Reports- There is always a need for businesses to stay informed regarding the latest business insights and disruptive technologies. With outsourcing services businesses get easy access to valuable information through insightful reports.

Market Intelligence- In today’s competitive business environment expanding into new markets is one of the top growth strategies for businesses. Working with innovative software experts helps businesses to open eyes to emerging opportunities. Good software outsourcing companies with multidisciplinary development teams can also provide market intelligence and help ease the expansion process.

Better User Experience- Outsourcing companies hire skilled professionals who know how to handle different business situations and have a wider understanding of the product users. This helps in making a successful product which guarantees a better user experience.

Reduced Time-to-Market - There is stiff competition when it comes to product development. While the outsourcing vendor is busy developing the product, businesses can focus on the strategies to launch the product, pay attention to its brand awareness or invest in its marketing or research and launch the product as soon as possible before a competitor does it.

Cost-Effective- Outsourcing software product development is cheaper than creating an entire team to develop highly-specialized software products from scratch. Availing the services of an experienced software development company helps businesses manage their development fees by eliminating IT recruiting budget and infrastructure investment.

Improve Ease of Doing Business- When it comes to business, there are way too many details that key decision makers are usually loaded with and a lot of responsibilities to carry out. Outsourcing software product development the ease of doing business improves for organizations.