Automation Solution

Our Technology team leverages its technical and industry domain knowledge to provide automation services. We help you not just automate your manual operations but also to grow your business and rise above your competitors. Our approach is to digitize operational processes through our expertise in Software and Network services, and correct operational inefficiencies..

  • We specialize in designing and implementing platforms that simplify and increase control of complex business processes.
    • Manpower Requisition System: This automated system provides a platform to Client & Calibehr to raise and fulfil Staffing/Recruitment requests respectively with proper maker, checker and approval workflow
    • Onboarding & Payroll solution: This solution comes very handy in Human Capital Services industry where services are to be provided to clients from different geographies, as pay structure laws and regulations vary as per location.
    • Compliance Solution: This automated platform is a one stop solution for all Compliance related services viz; Shops & Establishments, Factory Compliance, Payroll Compliance, Compliance Audit Management
  • Reduced errors and variation from one implementation of a task to the next
  • Our Technology Automation helps improve efficiency and effectiveness while delivering value through the utilization of automation, enhanced controls, and the implementation of best-in-class processes