Last Mile Services

We’re one of the Top Last Mile Delivery Companies in India

Reserve Bank of India makes it mandatory for the BFSI sector companies in India to collect all the details of their customers required under the know-your-customer (KYC) guidelines. Thanks to the sheer number of customers, companies find it very difficult to meet the RBI guidelines. Our systematic last mile services support organizations during every stage of KYC and due diligence journey.

Last mile services help organizations to apply standard KYC requirements, retain control over data and information, access public entity data with user friendly software, large volume data collection, cost effective automated process and engage with counterparties securely via advanced KYC Services.

Range of Last Mile Delivery Services

Our Last Mile Delivery Services include a broad set of capabilities to meet organization’ wide spectrum of needs-

KYC Collection - Once a lead is generated by the client, our contact centre employees contact the customer and fix an appointment to collect the duly filled application form, KYC and other documents. Verification of the documents against the originals is also ensured.

Cheque Pick-up - Our cheque pick-up services are well known in the market. Our FOS executives collect donation cheques for NGOs, Premium Cheques for Insurance Companies, EMI cheques for Banks, Membership Cheque collection for hospitality industry etc.

Pre/Post Disbursement Document Collection- We also provide the collection facilities of Pre/Post Disbursement documents. Pre Disbursement document collection involves KYC, income proof and application form collection while post disbursement document collection involves agreement, cancelled cheque and NACH form.

NACH (National Automated Clearing House) pick-up & Submission / Activation- We collect ECS Mandates from Customers and also verify/submit the same to the customer’s bank for further process.

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) Documents Fulfilment- Our FOS executives visit the investors to get the agreement signed, collect the necessary documents and verify the same against the originals there and then.

Address Verification Activity- Our last mile delivery service also includes Residence verification and Office verification activities. We conduct office verification for Self Employed individuals as well as salaried individuals.

Automate for Fulfilment

Our in-house Software as a Service application (SaaS) product Automate is about digitization of the day-to-day operations of last mile services. It allows clients to upload leads and download unique reports and KYC pictures. It also helps clients to see the real time feedback of each lead. The FOS login feature in Automate allows FOSs to mark their attendance. The face reading and GPRS tracking option reduces the TAT and allows us to deliver our services with minimum errors. Automate also reflects the latitude, longitude & Google addresses on the photos captured by our FOSs.

Why Choose Calibehr as your Last Mile Solutions Provider?

Large Volume KYC Document Collection- Calibehr is capable of collecting, gathering, storing, and managing large volumes of KYC documents, without the risk of violating any privacy policy.

Technology-Driven Automated Process- Our digitally-enabled last mile services empower businesses to rise up to the challenges of the ever-growing and ever evolving business environment.

Pan-India Presence- We are a professionally managed business process service provider with Pan-India presence. Our clients can avail our last mile services from numerous locations in India.

Years of Industry Experience- Calibehr’s years of rich experience of the domain bring incredible advantage for our clients. Our last mile services include documentation, KYC and cheque collection for BFSI sector clients.

Multi-Industry Expertise- Our team consists of dedicated professionals who have delivered last mile services for various industries and understand the unique needs of different industries.

Deadline-Oriented Professionals- Our team consists of thoroughly trained professionals drawn to deadline-oriented work. We ensure that time-sensitive work is given top priority while also making sure to work under pre-decided timelines.

Timely Communication with Customers- We maintain a clear, concise and timely communication with our customers to keep everyone in the loop of outstanding as well as completed projects.

Systematic Process- Our last mile services team has devised a system which helps in keeping a track of all the proceedings.

Benefits of Outsourcing Last Mile Services to Businesses

Real-Time GPS Tracking- Businesses can leverage from the innovative technology Last Mile Companies use. With real-time GPS tracking it is not only possible to track the people involved in the last mile delivery real time, but also get data relative to the location past deliveries.

Flexibility and Scalability- Last Mile Services design their system with an understanding of the end user. This makes their services flexible and scalable for organizations.

Time Saving- Last mile companies are committed to a simplified user experience hence they plan ahead and leverage technology which saves a lot of time of businesses.

Increased Productivity- Last Mile Solutions providers keep optimizing their methods and automating their processes with the evolving needs of the market, hence increasing productivity.

Report Generation- Last mile companies use latest technology ensuring confirmation of successful collection of information to generate reports for future references.

Reduction in TAT- Experienced and organized last mile players can help companies implement processes and operating procedures to achieve reduced turn-around-time.