Document Processing Services

Calibehr - Reliable Document Processing Firm in Mumbai

Document processing and data conversion is vital to the organizations of all sizes. Document processing is a diligent process that involves obtaining raw data from various sources and presenting it in a visual or textual format. Data processing professionals apply various conversion techniques and analysis methods to transform this data into meaningful information. This helps organizations take strategic decisions quickly. With rising staff, overheads and infrastructural loads, outsourcing non-core but critical data processing functions to document processing companies gives organizations the dual benefit of reduced cost and enhanced operational efficiency. Document processing services capture, extract, digitize and process data from various sources and transform it into actionable insights at affordable rates.

Best-in-Class Document Processing Solutions

Accurate High Volume Document Processing - Unorganized large volumes of data can slow down business activities. Calibehr offers high-quality large volumes of data processing services with minimum hassles at economical prices. To simplify the data processing operations, we combine together high technologies and experienced data processing professionals. We have a proven track record in providing large volume data processing services to our clients located across India. We are experts in cleaning, enriching and updating high volume data related to various domains. We can capture raw data and convert it into any desirable digital file format precisely and effortlessly. Our Document Processing Services include-

  • Business Document Processing
  • Legal Document Processing
  • Survey Forms Processing
  • Application Forms Processing
Document Management- With our document management solutions organizations experience a value addition with increased productivity, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness. We store all the business-critical data with utmost care.

Data Reporting- We keep our clients informed on the processes and efficiency of the organization by using our detailed, actionable reporting capabilities.

Extraction of Information from Unstructured Documents- Our document processing team is able to employ best-in-class technology (such as machine learning and AI) to maximize automated extraction of information from unstructured documents, bundles with efficiency to provide meaningful data to our clients.

Best-in-Class Document Processing Solutions

Scalable Document Processing- Calibehr uses powerful document processing capabilities and efficient storage mechanisms. Our ability to store, analyze, and process the ever increasing amounts of data without reducing overall system availability, performance, or output makes us the preferred document processing partner for many companies.

Pan-India Presence- Calibehr is a professionally managed business process management company with a PAN-India reach. We provide document processing services across locations.

Years of Industry Experience- Our team is associated with top multinational corporations since years for swift document processing activities. Our experienced approach has served our customers well – we have a proven track record in the BPM service industry.

Multi-Industry Expertise- Our team consists of professionals who have processed data for various industries. We understand the unique needs of different industries and serve accordingly.

Deadline-Oriented Professionals- Our team consists of people who are drawn to deadline-oriented work. They make sure that crucial documents are collected on time, processed and returned back responsibly.

Timely Communication with Clients- Our team maintains a clear, concise and timely communication with clients to keep everyone in the loop of outstanding, and completed projects.

Systematic Process- We follow a systematic method to maintain the quality of data processed. We first pre-process the documents. We then scan the document as per client guidelines. The output files are saved in the desirable format i.e., tiff, jpg, pdf, followed by document indexing. The accuracy of the data is verified in terms of both quality/quantity. Only after following a systematic method the data is delivered.

Benefits of Outsourcing Document Processing Services to Businesses

Enhance Operational Efficiency- Document processing professionals present data and information in illustrated tables or as percentile rankings and distributions. This gives companies a comprehensive view of things and offers sufficient details to dig deeper into the data.

Focus on Core Competencies- Managing huge volumes of data is a time consuming, expensive and resource intensive function. Outsourcing reduces this burden and helps organizations focus on their core business function.

Improved Customer Experience- Reduced document processing timeline helps drive customer satisfaction. Many of our clients are using our short fulfilment time as something which differentiates them in the market.

Adherence to Accurate Document Processing Standards- Document processing professionals strictly adhere to best data entry practices to enhance data accuracy. This leads to high-quality data enabling informed business decision-making.

Increase Client Conversion Percentage- Client conversion rates are the key to sales and profits. Document processing companies deliver sophisticated data that helps marketers understand what works and what doesn’t. This allows businesses to immediately correct problems and increases their client conversion percentage.