Business Insight Services

Calibehr - Leading Business Insights Firm

Having a team of innovative and passionate members in Business Insight Services enables Calibehr to provide an innovative approach for Indian & International (Australia, UK & USA) clientele. Business Insight Service refers to a cloud-based service that provides insights to business organisations and helps in providing action plans that are necessary to achieve business goals. We offer customized solutions in business benchmarking, process and productivity improvement, field audits, market research to our clients across BFSI, retail, media, and telecommunications sector.

Data is increasingly moving towards cloud. With data complexity continuously increasing, the efficiency of business insights services depends mainly on how the Saas solutions host themselves and analyze the data provided by clients. As the pace of data generation and data diversity continue to increase, organisations have begun to understand that now decision making is extremely data-driven. For organisations around the world, investing in the process of extracting actionable insights from data is quite expensive as they need to have their own resources and infrastructure to do so. This is where Business Insight Services help.

Range of Business Insight Solutions

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Location Audit- Calibehr conducts Agent Oversight Program for a leader in Global Payment Services in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. This Agent Oversight Program involves conducting anti money laundering compliance location review at designated client agent locations, conducting training to Front Line Associates managing designated client locations on transaction acceptance process and operational guidelines issued by the regulators.

Market Survey - Calibehr analyses the market for a particular product/service on behalf of clients. Our team also studies various customer capabilities such as investment attributes and buying potential. We are capable of directly collecting feedback from the target audience to understand their characteristics, expectations, and requirements for various organisations.

Retail Merchandising- Calibehr provides superior merchandising solutions to our clients from various industries. We routinely achieve good execution rates and are continually looking for ways to improve our services.

Store Compliance Audit- From resolving complex software development issues to strategic digital transformation, Calibehr provides result oriented software consultation to organizations for all latest technologies. We offer technology stack consultation, Business Process Automation, Enterprise Mobility, Conceptualization, Design, Planning, Cloud Consulting, and IT Infrastructure to businesses.

Maintenance and Support- We provide bug fixes, feature enhancements, code optimization, etc. to help businesses with long-term continual maintenance and real-time support services all your software requirements.

Mystery Shopping- Calibehr measures the customer’s experience by stimulating a customer visit to the stores; branches or any other such locations. The data is collected on the real time basis through the in-house developed application.

Benefits of Outsourcing Business Insights Services to Organizations

Real-Time Data Availability- Organisations get to access all the relevant reports and data from one place in real time. Business Insight Solutions enable organisations to make better decisions based on accurate, reliable and timely information.

Strategic Advantage- With improved insights, the strategic decisions and actions that follow are smarter. In addition, understanding and cooperation between members of different departments also improve with Business Insights as data becomes easier to analyze.

Accurate Information- Data is useless in its raw state. It needs to be processed and presented in a way that can be applied properly to generate meaningful information. Business Insights Service providers utilize their tools and platforms to deliver faster and more accurate information to key decision makers of businesses.

Field Cost Reduction- Business Insight Services provides a single platform that users can access throughout the organization minimizing the training and duplication of IT effort. With our data-driven perspective to operational and strategic decisions, we deliver interactive data tools for quick insights. All these services reduce field cost for research purposes for organisations.

Technology-Driven- Transforming data into insight requires the right tools and the right people who have the skills to turn that data into actionable insight. Businesses Insight Solution providers use data, analytics, and software in closed, continuously optimized loops to differentiate and compete to turn data into insight that are on their way to dominate the market.