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Automate - Comprehensive Workforce Management System

For organizations in sectors that involve highly time-sensitive tasks and pay employees on an hourly basis managing the in-store and on-field sales data points is an arduous task. Age old reporting models mostly fetch inaccurate data. Also, the manual process of managing overall business productivity is broken. The senior stakeholders in an organization require a complete overview of the employee productivity, reasons for opportunity loss and total sales to identify performance gaps and strategic improvement opportunities.

Automate, our web & mobile product, is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based real-time business performance monitoring application which provides insights for in-store and on-field sales. It aids the Sales Force and Senior Stakeholders to manage the on-field resources & productivity, gain market intelligence and acquire detailed sales analytics to drive strategic business decisions. Automate leverages the advent of mobile technologies and penetration of the internet, which can foster data collection and productivity management in an effective manner. It furnishes real-time trends and sales reports powered by Digitization of on-field Sales Information and Predictive Analytics. It leverages the power of mobility and puts actionable business insights at the fingertips of business leaders for effective decision making and strategic business growth. The benefits of using Automate include efficient time and attendance tracking, better labour planning, enhanced employee efficiency, lower operational cost, and better customer service.

Range of Workforce Management Solutions by Calibehr

Managing an efficient workforce- Automate uses software bots which work side by side with humans to do much of the repetitive work in many domains enabling enterprises and mid-size organizations to digitize time and attendance processes and optimize employee scheduling.

Leave management- Organisations can have a robust all-in-one platform in Automate that handles all employee vacation requests without manual interventions.

Gain strategic business insight and market intelligence- Automate is also capable of providing strategic business insight and market intelligence of real-time sales and revenue by analyzing business data obtained from customers, competitors, supply chain, stores, etc.

Human Resource Management- Through Automate, human resource management’s monotonous and time-consuming tasks can be automated to free up organisation’s most valuable employees to focus on other highly impactful areas.

Workforce Planning- With our workforce planning software, organizations can schedule employee hours and shifts using accurate labour and sales forecasting. Our workforce management solutions also help managers to prepare better for retirements and chart a talent acquisition strategy to replace retiring employees.

Employee performance management- Continuous performance management can take place virtually any time, including daily, weekly or biweekly facilitated through our software backed workforce management solutions.

AI-Ready Applications - By availing our AI backed workforce management tools our clients can forget the traditional methods for time entry. The workforce can log in to the app via Face ID and choose to interact with our AI-based chatbot to take time management to the next level.

Customizable Application to take care of the client’s new requirement - Our workforce management solutions team can easily customize Automate and engage in project management to take care of the client’s specific requirements.

Seamless Integration with client’s in-house application for data communication - Our technology professionals are capable to connect with client’s existing in-house applications through web API’s and communicate to and fro.

Stellar Workforce Management Tool for Business Automation

Automate is a wholesome product bundled up with real time reporting, mobility tracking, market intelligence and advanced sales analytics. It benefits the entire hierarchy – starting from the ground staff to the reporting managers and up towards the senior client management. Businesses can reduce the risk of overstaffing, overtime, and shrinkage with Automate. By automating routine administrative tasks, identifying time-off opportunities, and providing employees with the schedules they prefer businesses can achieve-

  • Increased operational efficiency by accurately forecasting and planning labour requirements.
  • Improved communications irrespective of employees location
  • Compliance with the frequently changing demands of the regulatory environment
  • Streamlined HR and managerial tasks with self-service options
  • Automated time tracking and approvals
  • Information accuracy
  • Reduced labour costs by only having employees scheduled when there is work to be done
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Access to all kinds of reports by using the latest data from existing business systems
  • Improved employee work-life balance with more predictable and consistent schedules which considers their individual preferences.

To sum up, workforce management is much more than just software deployment. It requires effort to deploy the processes and technology to start, and it takes continuous effort to maintain the efficiency of the same. Workforce Management needs effort and long term planning to ensure that technologies are adaptable to different businesses. As business goals change, as consumer expectations evolve and as new technologies emerge, businesses must consider how their workforce management solution needs to evolve with time. Calibehr’s years of multi-domain experience powered by our in-house workforce management system empower businesses to meet all their workforce management challenges.