Innovative Workforce Solutions

Our team of zealous individuals has always focused on continually upgrading our processes using a range of technologically advanced systems. Technology has changed our working practices and enabled us to provide 24/7 connectivity to streamline the entire Workforce Management process. We have taken many initiatives in the area of automation to boost the ROI for our clients.

One such initiative is our web & mobile product, Automate. Automate is about digitization of the day-to-day operations of Field Force starting from their attendance and productivity tracking, to gathering unstructured data, from market and customer, and putting it into a structured format. We then provide reports, analysis and business insights.

  • Technology Platform with key features for Workforce Management
    • Attendance & Productivity Tracking
    • Insight to Real Time Sales and Revenue
    • Market Intelligence
    • Customer/End User Feedback
    • Organizational Announcement (Trainings, Incentives updates), HRMS etc.
  • SME knowledge and industry experience
  • Customizable Application to take care of client’s new requirement
  • Seamless Integration with client’s in-house application for data communication 
  • One Stop Solution for
    • Field Force Executives
    • Back Office Operations
    • Senior Management for Daily Operations & Productivity Tracking
  • Attendance & Productivity Tracking
  • Cost Saving Operations
  • Centralized platform to track Market Intelligence