Temporary Staffing Solutions

Calibehr - Leading Temporary Staffing Company in Mumbai, India

Today’s business environment as well as our personal lives are undergoing a constant flux of transformation with non-stop growth due to the ongoing digital revolution. Technological advancements have changed business organization’ talent needs drastically. Often there are immediate short term project requirements to meet for which temporary staffing is the only choice. Government’s focus on providing more and more jobs has also contributed to the condition. In addition, quick access to specialized skills, quick cover during staff absence, no long-term commitment and lower recruitment cost makes perfect sense for businesses to prefer temporary staffing.

Calibehr Temporary Staffing Services, with its years of experience and pan India reach, offers a highly efficient array of Staffing services, on temporary/seasonal placement as well as temp to hire, to mobilize a single person or an entire workforce customized based on organization’s needs. Calibehr matches companies’ permanent and temporary staffing needs with skilled professionals, acting as a connecting thread between the two.

Range of Temporary Staffing Services

Calibehr offers a wide range of Temporary Staffing Services in India that can easily help organizations meet their talent requirements and enhance business efficiency. These include:

  • Contractual or Temporary Staffing
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Onboarding of Employees
  • Documentation of the new Employees
  • Payroll Management
  • Legal and Statutory Compliance
  • Compliance Audits

With experience and expertise across almost all industries and a wide array of services, Calibehr helps businesses quicken their pace of development and achieve goals faster. We provide Temporary Staffing Services for businesses across industry verticals: banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunication, Power, Media Marketing, Manufacturing, IT & ITES, E-Commerce, Logistics, FMCD and many more.

Why Choose Calibehr as your Temporary Staffing Agency?

Mitra- Mitra, a mobile application, is designed to help Calibehr to connect with employees working at client locations spread all over India and empower them by keeping their needs in mind. By being available 24/7 and addressing employees’ queries regarding work environment, compliance benefits, welfare programs, employee benefits, rewards & recognitions, Mitra is reimagining employee connect.

Multi-Domain Expertise- Our expertise spans the BFSI, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunication, Power, Media Marketing, Manufacturing, IT & ITES, E-Commerce, Logistics and FMCD industries giving us edge over other Temporary Staffing Companies in India. With extensive multi-industry experience and first-hand regional knowledge, our dedicated teams bring the best people suited for various organizations.

Reduced TAT- Calibehr’s dedicated teams manage speed and service levels while also continuously engaging with sourcing channels to reduce the turnaround time for organisations. Our dedicated Client Relationship Executives build synergies to bring out the best possible talents for businesses.

Technology Driven- With a unique set of digitally-enabled services customized based on various organizations unique needs, Calibehr empowers businesses to rise up to the challenges of an ever-growing and ever expanding business environment.

Quality Service- We define and manage our service levels as per client requirements while also strictly adhering to quality benchmarks in all our processes and activities.

Benefits of Contractual Staffing Services to Employers

Productivity Enhancement- Contractual Staffing Services can provide qualified talent at any given time according to the employers temporary or in-time needs. Temporary Staffing Solutions provide companies with skilled labour in various fields with talent sourcing, background checks, initial screening etc. being simultaneously taken care of so that employers can successfully navigate incoming challenges.

Risk Mitigation- Employers on any given day are responsible for a reasonable amount of safety and security of their staff, but they can minimize their liabilities by availing contractual staffing services.

Cost-Effective- When employers go for contractual staff, they reduce many administrative expenses associated with in-house recruiting and other hiring activities. Furthermore, staff hired through Temporary Staffing Agencies only receive payment for the time they work. If they don’t come in, the employer isn’t responsible for paid time off.

Time-Saving- Contractual Staffing Services are time saving as employers can get started whenever they are ready. Temporary Staffing Solution agencies have a relatively short turnaround time for hiring skilled and qualified contract staffers so that employers have access to almost immediate workforce solutions.

Flexibility- Contractual staffing arrangements are flexible. Contractors are available whenever employers need an extra hand in the office, on site, or on the sales floor. During critical times, when permanent employees need leave or when hiring freezes, contract staffers give companies the ability to keep moving to achieve set goals without wasting time or resources.