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Calibehr – Top Recruitment Company in Mumbai, India

Business performance, for any organization, is directly proportional to the quality of talent working for them. There is fierce competition in the market to attract and retain great talent, yet very few employers understand the art and science of doing it correctly. As top talent becomes scarcer, the role of recruitment companies has become very critical.

Calibehr, considered among the top recruitment agencies in India, backed with technology support system and tailor-made approach helps businesses discover an extraordinary team of passionate individuals to work for them. Calibehr works on a multi-level approach to find the best people in the industry by first understanding the requirements of a particular job and then following a strategy to search and align talent till the process loop is closed. Every candidate’s functional and behavioural competencies, their current span of control are examined and are then matched with various organization’s business needs to ensure not just the right but the best fit. Our multi-industry experience, in-house recruitment team, support from channel partners, field recruitment, employee referrals, walk-in drives in our offices help us fulfilling high volume on-going recruitment needs of our clients with utmost ease.

Achieve Business Transformation with our Permanent Recruitment Services

Job Analysis and Development of a Prospective Candidate Profile- Calibehr’s Recruitment team explores the responsibilities, skills, ability and educational requirements of a specific job. We then systematically analyse a job and build a prospective candidate profile.

Candidate Sourcing & Search- Candidate sourcing is the process of finding resumes within the recruitment process. After we source candidates, we proactively search for qualified ones to fulfil company’s recruitment needs.

Screening- It is often difficult for organizations to meet their talent requirements but there is hardly any shortfall in job applications. This makes resume screening the most time-consuming task of the recruitment process. We apply consistency and objectivity across all resumes in our screening process to efficiently deliver the best talent for you.

Assessment & Evaluation- Calibehr has developed an effective candidate assessment process that narrows the list of applicants and moves top candidates quickly. In our final evaluation we ensure that the candidate meets the criteria set by the clients.

Why Choose Calibehr as your Recruitment Firm?

Extensive Database of Candidates- Our extensive database of candidates, built from scratch, maintained and updated properly through years, has appreciated over time. With the help of various technologies we parse resumes based on skills, industries, professions, qualifications, languages, etc. making searching for the right candidate easier and more efficient.

PAN-India Presence- We are a professionally managed recruitment agency with PAN-India presence. We hire for all the locations in India wherever there is a recruitment need for our clients.

Technology-Driven Process- Calibehr, one of the top recruitment firms in Mumbai, uses new technology to automate recruiting process to quicken on boarding of candidates. They also streamline, simplify and automate hiring process, making it faster and more efficient by increasing operational efficiency and reducing TAT. Our machine learning applications provide best suited candidates for given positions.

Industry Focus- Bringing immense industry focus in recruitment is critical to understand the specific needs of industry to provide value service. Calibehr with its multi-industry experience understands peculiar requirements of industries and brings the best suited person for companies.

Insight of Indian Business- Success in finding the right candidate zeroes down to one crucial factor – being in sync with local markets. Calibehr’s empowered professionals have a thorough understanding of Indian businesses, Indian people and the Indian method of doing things. This helps us find suitable candidates for international clients and Indian companies which want to expand in India.

Benefits of Recruitment Services to Organizations

Bringing new employees on board is an expensive and time-consuming process for organisations. Using permanent recruitment services can relieve a huge amount of pressure for organisations. Here are a few benefits of recruitment services to organisations-

Build Right Team- Recruitment agencies work with both employers in search of talent, and candidates on the hunt for better career opportunities. Recruitment agencies also have extensive knowledge about job market and talent that is available, making them capable of sourcing talented individuals for organisations.

Focus on Core Business- Recruitment agencies ensure a flow of continual talent into businesses. This saves organisations from wasting unnecessary time and resources and focus on their core business

Scalable Hiring- Talent acquisition teams due to their limited reach face numerous challenges in recruitment when there are sudden changes in the hiring volume. Recruitment firms, on the other hand, can tackle massive fluctuations in hiring volume with their years of experience and highly developed methods to meet client’s bulk hiring needs.

Get Industry Insight- Recruitment agencies provide recruitment solutions for organisations across industries. Organizations can leverage industry experience of recruitment agencies to get insights of the industries they plan to serve.

Foster growth & innovation- Recruitment agencies don’t just provide people, they provide talent and support to help businesses grow.