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Calibehr – Top Executive Search Firm in Mumbai, India

Executive search, also known as ‘headhunting’ is a specialized service used by organizations to find the most suitable and qualified senior-level managers and executives. Executive search is also done to fill highly specialized positions for which there is a strong competition in the market.
Recruiting top performing executives is an arduous, complicated task. It involves the application of a rare set of skills and expertise as well. Also, ‘Competition for Talent’ has emerged out as the biggest recruiting challenge in recent years. This is the reason employers need executive search firms functioning with highly-optimized techniques and methods to get exactly what they need.

Top-Notch Executive Hiring Services in India

Executive Hiring Services provided by Calibehr-

Leadership Hiring- We have amassed experience in recruiting across job markets, and have combined a deep industry and functional expertise to focus on leadership hiring by building and managing a long-standing relationship with clients, candidates, and consultants.

Top and Middle Management Hiring- We have global HR partners who help us to close C-Level positions e.g. CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), CCO (Chief Compliance Officer), CSO (Chief Security Officer), CDO (Chief Data Officer), and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

Stringent Background Check- When it comes to hiring executives, there is a lot at stake. Offering a high-level job to someone without conducting a thorough background investigation can damage the health and viability of a company. Our stringent background check is able to provide objective and pivotal details about past performance, character, credibility, and qualifications of the candidates.

Sourcing and Developing Talent- To meet future recruitment needs of organisations, we invest in a broad range of strategies to actively identify and engage with candidates who are not looking for work but might get interested when a good offer comes along, now or in the future.

Why Choose Calibehr as Your Executive Search Firm?

Calibehr Business Support Services Pvt. Ltd is among the top executive search firms in India, offers a unique professional search platform assisting companies stay ahead of the curve. Companies must choose Calibehr because-

Top-Notch Advisors- Acquiring top-talent is predominantly based on advice by the industry leaders. We have some of the top-notch leaders from across geography, function and industry as part of our advisory panel.

Technology Driven Sourcing Solutions- A technology-driven executive search firm helps to uncover key hiring metrics such as data on qualified applicants, resignation history, etc. Calibehr’ data-driven analytical approach helps unearth a pool of data pertaining to top talents waiting to be hired for top positions. We track potential recruits and determine what would make a perfect fit for the organization.

Strong Database of Candidates- We take pride in our strong database, sifted through extremely stringent and meticulous process of shortlisting by a strong team of consultants.

PAN-India Presence- Success in executive search requires thorough knowledge of local markets. Our PAN-India Presence and partnership with business leaders with deep roots in the domestic market gives us an understanding of emerging regional issues and provide you with important domestic insights.

Multi-Domain Expertise- Calibehr, an executive search firm in Mumbai, with its multi-industry experience understands peculiar requirements of industries and brings the best suited executives for companies.

Benefits of Using an Executive Search Firm to Businesses

Companies and hiring executives benefit from executive search firms by many ways-

Strict Confidentiality-Executive search firms understand that organizations with open executive positions are vulnerable. Hence, executive search consultants maintain strict confidentiality during the recruitment process. Valuable information kept confidential protects the management against the competitors and works for the best interest of employees and stakeholders of the organization. The best candidates also appreciate the confidentiality and the professional approach of a third party.

Quality Driven Sourcing- Executive Search Firms first understand the company’s business objective and its culture and work towards finding suitable leaders who not only best fit in the company culture but also possess the right skills, competencies, and experience. A good Executive Search firm drives quality sourcing by bringing only a handful of candidates who have been thoroughly researched, interviewed, and screened for success to choose from.

Strong Network-The limited contacts of an organization’s internal human resource department cannot be compared with the wide network of executive search firms. Hiring superior professionals is an intricate process and is best performed by firms with a wide network of contacts.

Focus on Core Business Function- SBy outsourcing Senior-level process, organizations can focus on projects crucial to the business. Outsourcing executive search can also be used to offset a heavy workload from current HR team and relieve them off excessive stress.