Calibehr – Compliance Management Company in Mumbai, India

Today's business environment is becoming increasingly regulated in a global attempt to foster ethical business practices. However, this has also increased the complexity of business operations. Both multinational and Indian companies operating in the country, today, are expected to deal with complex regulations, enforcement agencies, media and the civil society at large, thus making compliance risks more formidable than before. The cost of non-compliance with these regulations - from a legal, financial and reputational viewpoint - is extremely high as non-compliance can result in well-publicized failures, punitive damages and heavy losses to organizations.

It has become extremely important for organizations to take a closer look at their compliance practices, and evaluate their effectiveness in the changing statutory legislations. In India, there are various statutory and regulatory compliances that business entities, local or international, need to comply with. Organisations that undertake a foresighted approach to compliance management are able to minimize a lot of risks pertaining to their business.

Risk Mitigation with our Compliance Management Solutions

Compliance Risk Mitigation is the process of reducing the possibilities of the occurrence of compliance violations in future. Calibehr has been at the forefront of the compliance management solutions in India for many years now. We help customers across sectors and countries to assess, investigate and monitor potential risks vis-a-vis local as well as global regulatory laws. With our vibrant and committed compliance professionals, qualified HR stalwarts and legal/financial experts, we are ideally placed to help businesses redevise their strategies. We provide clear foresight and sound advice on policies and developments that are likely to be rolled out by the government. With our developed understanding of standards, policies, procedures and guidelines we minimize compliance risks for our clients by-

  • Identifying the areas of high risk
  • Consolidating a risk assessment framework
  • Making regulatory alerts simple and actionable
  • Designing workflows that connect compliance policies with business processes, resources and regulatory standards.
  • Generating and tracking tasks when regulatory changes take place.

Your Partner in Statutory Compliance Management

Shops & Establishment Compliance Management- Calibehr takes care of all aspects of statutory compliances. From registration of an establishment/shop to handling inspections by government officials and obtaining necessary exemptions beforehand for steady and hassle-free business operations, we do it all for Indian as well international businesses trying to expand in India.

Factory Compliance Management- Calibehr Compliance Services offers companies the required knowledge base and technology-driven systems and processes for factory compliance on a routine basis.

Contractor & Contract Labour Compliance Management- The law makes it compulsory that all employees (direct or indirect) deployed in an organization's premises be compliant with the effective laws at all times. Calibehr Legal Compliance Management offers a one-stop solution for all your labour compliance needs.

Payroll Compliance Management- The number of laws that are to be followed while managing payrolls can be quite overwhelming for any organization. Our dedicated team of payroll compliance experts with a technology-driven approach manages all the payroll responsibilities for organizations.

Employer and Employee Compliance Advisory Services- Calibehr’s dedicated compliance professionals review organizations labour practices and procedures to help ensure compliance with local employment laws and stay up to date with the proposed regulations.

Statutory Benefits Administration- Statutory benefits generally include PF, Bonus, Welfare Funds, overtime compensation etc. The rates of these benefits are often adjusted every year and vary from country to country. The complexity of mandatory benefits compliance makes it quite common for companies to outsource their statutory benefits administration to outsourcing providers such as Calibehr. Our Statutory Compliance Management helps businesses to remain fully compliant with local labour laws.

Remittance of Statutory Payments- Calibehr Compliance Management team has necessary experience and expertise to assist organizations for easy remittance of statutory payments compliances required in India. We manage Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, Employee & Employer Professional Tax, Labour Welfare fund and help organisations select the salary heads as applicable to the industry they belong to.

Liaison with Various Government Authorities- Calibehr’s cordial and ethical association with the Central as well as State authorities has resulted in a robust system. We ensure that our clients can focus on their business activities without worrying about unnecessary government authority coordination.

Benefits of Legal Compliance Services to Businesses

Minimize Risk- Even if businesses are capable of paying penalties, the damage caused by non-compliance can take years to repair. Compliance Management Services, with their years of experience and expertise, can save businesses from a lot of unseen risks.

Improve Business Process Workflow- With compliance needs being taken care of by the Compliance Management Services, business process workflow gets streamlined in a better way reducing unnecessary complications and increasing productivity.

Build Trust with Customers- Complying with existing rules and regulations helps retain customers trust and brings transparency in the relationship. Compliance Management Solutions help companies strengthen the bond with their consumers.

Reduce Unnecessary Complications- Even best of CEOs might not always be well aware of all the changing rules and regulations. Compliance professionals assess whether or not the company is complying with government regulations and correct the loopholes before it is too late.

Hassle-Free- Compliance Management Services have dedicated teams of experts who are up-to-date with labour law amendments and also conduct regular compliance audits thus making the whole affair hassle-free for organizations.