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Celebrations at Calibehr
Human resource department utilizes festive time to encourage their employees to build healthy relations with employee engagement activities. We ask employees to decorate workspace according to Diwali theme or take part in Secret Santa during Christmas, it not just sparks festive spirit but enhances team bonding. At a time when work-related stress is taking a toll on the life of employees, it is refreshing for us to go out of the way to make our staff love the work they do and also ensure they have a great work-life balance. A friendly working environment, special health care facilities, women-friendly policies and support among the team members keep our employees highly motivated.
People are respected, performance is nurtured, creativity and excellence are encouraged, leadership and teamwork are rewarded. The management team is highly approachable, which makes it easy for people to work together as a team. Various rewards and recognition programs ensure that innovation, creativity, leadership and teamwork are rewarded along with individual contributions
Mitra: Employee Connect on the Field
Employees are the treasured part of our organisation. Our unique value proposition enables every single employee to look up to Calibehr as a lifetime partner. We connect with our employees to understand any concerns at their end, explain compliance benefits, welfare programme, value benefits, rewards & contests. Our employee's health is also our priority, hence, we have a corporate health insurance policy.
Job satisfaction is critical to high productivity, motivation and low employee turnover. We improve motivation within our organizations by following this process: 
  • Providing a positive work environment like flexible working hours
  • Quarterly and yearly rewards and recognition programs
  • Involve and increase employee engagement through sports, outings, open discussion forums
  • Develop the skills and potential of our workforce by providing training and development
  • Our PAN India presence helps job seekers to apply for the location they choose
  • Evaluate and measure job satisfaction

Filmy Manoranjan 2020

Sheros 2020

Naveen Puthran
Assistant Manager
My tenure at Calibehr has helped me accelerate my career. It is easy to express ourselves spontaneously here as the environment is very friendly and full of learning. Hard work never goes unappreciated or unnoticed. I feel extremely grateful for having a very dynamic Israr Sir as my boss. It is an honour to be a part of such a promising organization.
Shadab Mohd Rafiq Shaikh
Shadab Shaikh
Assistant Manager
Each day at Calibehr is full with new opportunities to enhance myself creatively and technically. Privileged to have colleagues who have undying passion towards their work, and are motivated to solve tough problems through latest technological trends. We at Calibehr take immense pride in our work at all times.
Neeti Priyadarshini
Deputy Manager
Service Delivery & Analytics
I have been a part of Calibehr family for more than 4 years , making a meaningful impact in diversified responsibilities - Business Development, Recruitment, Account Management Employee Connect and Vendor Management. Calibehr believes and values its People which is a great motivation for employees. It gives you a lot of opportunities to grow and live your dreams.

Heartiest thanks to my Seniors for showing the confidence in me and help me grow professionally. The close knit culture, employee benefits, core values and a supportive management makes Calibehr a great place to work for.