Leading Bank & Credit Card organization with the customer base of  5 million, the Client required a day by day updating of an expansive number of Accurate KYC without increment in a surge in operational cost to assess the examination in like manner for business development


- Updating KYC of 5000 customers per day

-  Distinguish process change openings and give constant value adds to the business.


- Keeping in mind the challenge of getting customer’s accurate KYC documents with a team strength of 50 FTE

- We started with Pattern reports examination and practical work utilization inclusion, with this engagement has enabled us to adequately manage all differences and keep up an impeccable TAT  with in-house IVR & SMS system

- Utilizing development and territory guides to interface gaps

- Developed an Early Warning System which rebukes possible TAT slippages thusly ensuring smooth keep going transport on volumes


- Altered Online Reporting Dashboard giving customer 360 degrees perspective of the activity

- Efficiency increment of 20% year-on-year through dynamic lessening in FTEs, utilizing navigational alternate routes to accelerate work

- End to end enhanced TAT: With TAT decreased to 85% of SLA TAT. The conveyed Accuracy level of 99.5% against a defined accuracy level of 99%


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